Our Leadership

Chief Executive Officer – Al Rayan Investment

Mr. Saeed Al Yabhouni

CEO Message

Al Rayan Investment has emerged as a dynamic engine of economic growth, successfully earning the reputation of being a stable organisation, fueling the region’s economic performance and diversification strategies. Thanks to the acceleration of the futuristic vision of the UAE’s leadership, focused on enhancing and driving the non-oil sectors with a significant pipeline of infrastructure developments. Al Rayan Investment has always embraced a spirit of “Challenge & Innovation”. We have leveraged our unique capabilities as an investment company and combined the power of extensive worldwide networks of partners to truly meet the needs of our customers.

Over these years, Al Rayan Investment has strengthened its businesses, rolled out strategic tactics, maintained consistency, created value, delivered sustainable returns and enhanced resilience, capitalising on the lucrative opportunities and carving a solid foundation for the long-term future.